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8 Black Vegan Influencers You Should Follow To Inspire Your Next Meal

Black influencers are receiving recognition for their plant-centric lifestyles and encouraging their followers to adapt to the diet, too. From social media stars to eco-conscious cooks, veganism is becoming more popular within the Black community and working to decolonize the white-centric diet. Whether they're sharing plant-based recipes for health, wellness, or environmental concerns, here's eight Black vegan influencers to diversify your Instagram feed. This London-based YouTuber and recipe

10 Albums That Embrace Black Womanhood And Redefine Black Girl Magic

Although all ten of these albums are open to interpretation, one thing is clear — they were created by Black women and were sung with Black women in mind as each artist delivered verses and lyrics that spoke to the Black experience. Black women always shake the table when it comes to the music industry, and it's necessary to give their albums an occasional relisten to continue to hold space for them in their male-dominated genres. From Black motherhood to living as a Black woman in America, thes

Op-Ed: Do You Agree That We Deserve More Feel-Good Television Shows And Movies That Center Black Women?

Every Black History Month or Juneteenth, streaming platforms create an informative guide that features movies and television shows to highlight Black stories. However, these productions have been criticized for having a triggering sexual violence scene, racial trauma depicted as “history” or a Black character that is only relevant for the white main character’s development.

Exclusive: TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas Talks 27th Anniversary of CrazySexyCool, Sisterhood And The Secret To Career Longevity

Whether you’re scrolling through the nostalgic catalog of 2000s chart-toppers at karaoke or listening to a radio station’s throwback hour, classic hits like “Creep” and “Waterfalls” from TLC are bound to be heard. The evocative sound of singing “No Scrubs” with your group of best friends immediately comes to mind — or at least, it did for me as I was listening to Rozonda Thomas talk about the longevity of TLC’s career. TLC, composed of members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and R

Profile: Bren Joy

For Bren Joy, his talent is showcased within his ability to fuse pop, R&B, and gospel sounds into his personal blend. His emotionally driven vocals are more than likely to have you replaying a song while adding it to your playlist for feel-good songs. The singer-songwriter was raised in Nashville, home to hundreds of musical legends, and he made The Tennessean‘s list of Nashville Artists to Watch in 2020. Earlier this year, Joy released his deluxe edition of his first project, Twenties, sharing

Afropunk in photos: Celebrating Black, queer joy

There are not many places where you can witness an all-Black mosh pit thrash to heavy-metal quintet Paleos, and then moments later join in a family-reunion style dance to Maze and Frankie Beverly's "Before I Let Go." But Afropunk Atlanta is in a league of its own. The music festival, which took place last weekend, prides itself on curating a safe space for vibrant fashion, alternative music, and the Black and queer folks who flock to it.

EXCLUSIVE: Dating Coach And Relationship Expert Shan Boodram Gets 'Ex-Rated' On How To Build A Healthy Sex Life

The taboo topic of sex education can be harbored with feelings of embarrassment and shame, due to the lack of conversation during adolescence and high school. Myths surrounding masturbation and penetration were whispered through many ears prior to your first sexual experience, but the lack of comprehensive sex education, especially for Black women, was prevalent. Sex was a touchy subject, and in many households, it still is. For Shan Boodram, this comes natural. The talented sexologist started

Student Series: It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Adapting to change can be difficult, and my inclination to overthink doesn’t help. I’m a Pisces, also known as the emotional yet intuitive water sign, but one of the curses that metaphorically floats in my boat is the tendency to overthink. When change begins to occur in my life, I briefly enjoy the thought of an unfamiliar feeling, but eventually, worry and anxiety kick in. I’m beginning my final year of college, and I’ve been constantly thinking about how I’ll be in an entirely different setti

'Gossip Girl' Reboot Music Supervisor Unpacks the Soundtrack For Season 1

A soundtrack for a movie or television show can be a memorable opportunity for the music supervisor to engage with its audience. When HBO Max announced that Gossip Girl would be reviving, fans wondered what would come of the beloved drama in a modern setting. Although the reboot varies from the original concerning its storyline, LGBTQ+ representation, and diverse cast, the soundtrack is as significant as its predecessor. With celebrity appearances from Billy Porter and Princess Nokia to hearing

Queer HBCU Students Explain Why They Need More From Their Schools

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are generally viewed as a safe space for Black students. These schools attract Black students who aspire to be their true selves on campus without the pressure of code switching or toning themselves down for their non-Black peers. However, LGBTQ+ students at HBCUs haven’t always had the same support as their cishet peers. According to Campus Pride, an organization that highlights queer-friendly schools and universities, many HBCUs haven’t tak

Make Room on the Grill for Vegan BBQ

Growing up in the South means that I consumed a good portion of barbeque in my childhood. Whether I was grilling with my parents or attending a reunion cookout, the common menu options were grilled chicken, baby back ribs and pork-filled baked beans. When I switched to a plant-based diet in 2019, it was right before barbeque season, and I had no idea what to eat. As the daughter of Caribbean parents, it was already difficult enough to maneuver around meat-centered dishes, but living in the South

Profile of Shaun Ross

Whether you’re familiar with his visual work in Lana Del Rey’s “Tropico” or Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” or his appearances in British GQ and Italian Vogue, Shaun Ross is a face one cannot easily forget. His role in the modeling industry as a young, Black albino man has opened doors toward representation for those with albinism. In his extensive portfolio throughout his teenage years to his trailblazing 20s, the charismatic model has been featured in high-end campaigns including Alexander McQueen, G

What does mutual aid during the pandemic look like?

Throughout the pandemic, mutual aid has benefitted communities that were unable to receive government assistance. From employees who were unexpectedly laid off from their jobs and poverty-stricken communities of color, the pandemic disproportionately affected a variety of people. In a mutual aid system, the common goal of the organization is to build a sustainable network to support the members of a community. After the United States government only provided a limited amount of stimulus funding

How Roller Skating Helped Me Reclaim My Joy

During the Black Lives Matter movement last June, it was more common to see Black pain, opposed to Black love and joy. Viewing Black skaters reclaiming their happiness convinced me that I had to do the same. As a beginner skater, I was clueless about how Black skaters fought to keep rinks open within their community. So I watched the HBO documentary “United Skates” to learn more about the intersection of Black culture and roller skating rinks. Shortly thereafter, I found many Black roller skat

An anti-capitalist guide to Valentine's Day

Once Christmas passes, you begin to notice an increasing amount of pink and red merchandise filling the aisles at retailers and online businesses. In other words, Valentine’s Day has arrived. Although it’s tough to entirely avoid a traditional holiday, the world could potentially be better off without it. Vox did a study on the environmental impact of Valentine’s Day roses, and it’s recommended to purchase flowers from a local florist. “When we talk about flowers and sustainability, the bigges

Why We Love Teyonah Parris As Monica Rambeau

We’re only five episodes into Marvel’s newest miniseriesWandaVision, and the studio has proven once again that we’ll always be looped into their Cinematic Universe. If you haven’t already been streaming WandaVision, picture a 1950s sitcom centered around the mysterious superhero Wanda Maximoff and the comical android Vision, but darker. The series stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda and Paul Bettany as Vision, but we’ve got our eyes on Teyonah Parris’ charismatic character, Monica Rambeau. Rambeau i

Young Black Leftists Are Creating Their Own Space on TikTok

If you’re trying to figure out your personal political views, you may want to check your TikTok feed. On December 23, 2020, two TikTokers, Iyanu Olajide and David Giorgis, cofounded a collaborative account for young Black leftists and those interested in inclusive leftist politics. Their page quickly took off, and the founders opened up the account to more contributors. Anyone who joins as a collaborator must be Black, familiar with leftist politics, have a minimum of 20,000 followers on their

Here’s What Students Think Biden Needs to Do in His First 100 Days

Today, we might be breathing a collective sigh of relief—but the work has only begun. President Joe Biden faces a wildly daunting first 100 days in office. On the heels of major vaccine developments, Biden committed to getting “at least 100 million Covid-19 vaccine shots into the arms of the American people in the first 100 days.” Beyond this obviously critical effort, there is only so much the new administration can focus on in his first three months. We asked students across the country what t

Two farmers, one mission–– how a Tallahassee couple adapted to the pandemic | NextGenRadio @ WUSF Public Media

Taylor and Ritchey see their role in the community as going beyond selling fruits and vegetables. “I believe our role is to be a glimmer of hope for people and inspiration, because a lot of people say that they want to learn how to grow, but they have never grown before,” Taylor said. “And we were just like that. We didn’t grow up as farmers and have a farming background.” Once shutdowns began, the plan for Smarter by Nature to collaborate with restaurants was no longer an option. “We wer

9 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in North Florida

Miami and Orlando tend to capture all the food-loving tourist attention, but people are sorely missing out if they don’t venture north of the Magic Kingdom. From home-cooked Southern fare to Jamaican eats served with love, North Florida has plenty to offer plant-based eaters. Take a socially distant road trip in lieu of the typical tourist destinations and mark these nine spots on your digital map. 1. End of the Line, Pensacola, FL Located in Downtown Pensacola, End of the Line takes the cake

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